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We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business and are committed to continuing to support you in this difficult time.

With the health and safety of both employees and customers our priority, we have been working closely with government agencies and industry bodies to ensure our manufacturing and distribution sites remain within best practice hygiene protocols and in accordance with all state and federal requirements. We are exceptionally thankful and grateful for your support at this time.


Delivery networks across Australia are currently experiencing delays.

Detailed information on delays currently being experienced by our Freight Partner, Australia Post, can be found at:

We thank you for your order, and will do our very best to get it to you as soon as possible. For further information or if you have any questions, please reach out to our client services team at or on 1300 857 123.

FresHotel | Sleep well, live well

Welcome to FresHotel

Welcome to FresHotel

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Promote Guest Wellness

We understand that your guests value a clean, comfortable environment above all else, that’s why we engineered the Freshotel™ collection of products specifically for the accommodation industry. Provide the Freshotel™ experience and demonstrate to your guests the value you place on their sleep wellness.

Protect Your Assets

Our range of pesticide free, lab proven protection products shield mattresses and pillows from stains, spills, pests and allergens. Our products extend the life of your assets, a small price to pay for ensuring the longevity of a healthy, clean and comfortable environment.

Improve Reviews

In this age of the internet, customer dissatisfaction can result in negative hotel reviews. Don’t leave a good night’s sleep to chance, reduce the likelihood of bed bug infestation and allergens caused by dust mites, mould and bacteria. Provide a sleep zone that reassures your guests that you have their wellbeing in mind.

How does
FresHotel® work?

We exist to provide high quality, world-class sleep products at competitive pricing for commercial customers. Our team are super responsive, friendly and respond to all enquiries in a short turnaround. How it works:

1. Compile your order

Add the products that you are interested in to your quote cart.

2. Submit your quote

Review your cart and submit your contact details so that our sales team can get in touch ASAP to provide you with a quote for review.

3. Complete your order

We will be in touch to confirm your order. We pride ourselves on having the fastest delivery service in the market with 99% of all the orders dispatched within 24hrs of confirmation.

4. Get an account

With your permission, we can setup an account for you - gain access to online pricing and direct checkout through the site or submit a credit application to be applicable for 30 day payment terms.

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Articles & Advice

Joint partnership to advance manufacturing in Australia

Joint partnership to advance manufacturing in Australia

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