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Protect your mattress investment – insure the value of your assets

by Fresh Hotel on 0 Comments
Mattresses are an important part of any guests experience and as such are a major investment for the hotels and businesses, so a key concern for many hotels will be how you keep these expensive items clean and sanitary when they have a whole host of different people sleeping on them all the time.

With high occupancy rates of 70% at hotels in the Asia Pacific region, your hotel beds will get a lot of people sleeping on them, and that means there will be a higher chance of the mattress getting damaged by accidents or mishaps from guests.

So as a business can you make sure that you protect your mattress investment?

By using protection from the start, you should cover the mattress and pillows with waterproof protectors to keep them fresh and stain free, as well as keeping the mattress free of allergens, mould and dust mites.

Waterproof mattress protectors protect the mattress from spills and stains, whether it’s a guest who spills a drink or the mattress going brown from the build-up of sweat off the many guests that sleep on the mattress over its lifetime.

According to a ‘head of housekeeping’ at a UK hotel chain “there are some instances that require us to replace a mattress immediately, such as when someone soils the bed – urine permeates through a mattress, and in some cases we have seen it leak through the base and onto the floor! Dust mites can also be an issue, as they feed off dead skin cells thus making bed mattresses a prime habitat for them to live in. this is why it is important to protect a mattress with a cover to prevent infiltration.” (

Having to replace a mattress due to an accident from guests can be expensive so by purchasing a waterproof mattress protector you are insuring your mattress in case of any unforeseen accidents. A waterproof protector stops the fluid from penetrating the bed and clean-up is as easy as changing the protector and putting it in the wash.

Waterproof mattress protectors are as easy to fit as a sheet and are able to be laundered with other linens, which means there is no added effort on employees to make and strip beds.

In addition to protecting your business mattresses there is also the added benefit of your guests happiness, cleanliness is important for guests so sleeping in a clean bed and not having allergy issues will help your business build confidence and loyalty with them.

It initially may seem like an unnecessary cost to buy a protector for every mattress in your hotel but in the long run it may just end up saving you a lot of time and money, and your guests will be happy they are sleeping on a mattress that looks, feels and is fresh and clean. By purchasing a mattress protector you are insuring your mattresses from spills, stains and dust mites and allergens.


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