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With the holiday season approaching please be advised that our orders are delivered through the Australia Post network. Please place your orders for anywhere in Australia (except WA and NT) by 8th December 2022 and for WA and NT by 3rd December 2022.

Please visit our delivery partner’s website to review their current expected shipping timelines for Christmas here:

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  • Paris Bed Bug Scare: A Global Wake-Up Call

    Paris Bed Bug Scare: A Global Wake-Up Call
    The world has recently been inundated with  nightmare-inducing news and videos depicting a disturbing bed bug invasion in various locations across Paris, just ahead of next year's Olympic Games. This alarming situation has ignited concerns about the potential global proliferation of these notorious bloodsuckers. What are Bed Bugs? So, what exactly are bed bugs? These minuscule, parasitic insects thrive on the blood of...
  • ZZZ's Get Degrees

    ZZZ's Get Degrees
    Sleep is essential for both physical and mental health, and getting enough high-quality sleep is particularly important for students as they go through their academic journey. It is vital that boarding schools, where students spend a significant amount of time away from their families, ensure that their students have a comfortable and healthy sleep environment. FresHotel’s Protect-A-Bed sleep protectors are designed and tested...
  • Joint partnership to advance manufacturing in Australia

    Joint partnership to advance manufacturing in Australia
    With co-investment from the IMCRC and Swinburne University of Technology, Sleep Corp®, a proudly Australian owned manufacturing company, is pleased to announce a joint partnership to advance manufacturing in Australia. A total project investment of approximately $2.2 million over two years. Today manufacturing is defined by speed, quality, flexibility and customisation. Driven, in what has become known as the fourth industrial revolution or...
  • What keeps your guests up at night?

    What keeps your guests up at night?
    Being on vacation might be an opportunity  for your guests to sleep in and catch up on their sleep deficit that plagues modern living or maybe a business trip affords the business traveller to experience sleep away from distractions of everyday life and go to bed at a reasonable time (or not) and actually experience the quality of sleep they should be enjoying...
  • Jet Lag - the why's and effects of it

    Jet Lag - the why's and effects of it
    What causes Jet Lag? Jet lag occurs when you fly across one or more time zones. Daylight plays an important role in our body’s natural biological clock or circadian rhythm, affecting the release of Melatonin which tells us when we should go to sleep and wake up.  Jet lag occurs because our body's circadian rhythm has not had time to synchronise to the change in time...
  • Protect your mattress investment – insure the value of your assets

    Protect your mattress investment – insure the value of your assets
    Mattresses are an important part of any guests experience and as such are a major investment for the hotels and businesses, so a key concern for many hotels will be how you keep these expensive items clean and sanitary when they have a whole host of different people sleeping on them all the time. With high occupancy rates of 70% at hotels in...
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