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What keeps your guests up at night?

by Kanishka Rathore on 0 Comments

Being on vacation might be an opportunity  for your guests to sleep in and catch up on their sleep deficit that plagues modern living or maybe a business trip affords the business traveller to experience sleep away from distractions of everyday life and go to bed at a reasonable time (or not) and actually experience the quality of sleep they should be enjoying at home.

We now know more about sleep than ever before and understand that a good night sleep is more important to our health and wellbeing than exercise and diet. Over time, poor sleep can have serious effects on our health, such as increased blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and anxiety, at the very least a poor night’s sleep can leave us and your guests grumpy and irritable affecting their overall vacation and hotel experience. 

When it comes to hotels, poor quality sleep is often the lasting impression your guests have of your hotel and impacts their consideration for their next hotel stay.

In fact, a recent survey of hotel patrons disclosed that a fresh, clean and comfortable environment was more important than the service or the amenities provided. What’s more you are creating an environment conducive to a great night sleep.

A clean, fresh and comfortable environment is a basic human need we take for granted and when your delivering on this promise it largely goes unnoticed but fail to deliver and the whole world will know about it, thanks to the advent of hotel reviews and social media.

Kanishka Rathore, Commercial Sales Manager for SleepCorp says “A hotel room can provide an education in how a bedroom environment should be prepared for great night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and energised is crucial to a positive guest experience.”

Sleep Corp’s tips for a hotel room for better sleep are:

  1. The room should be quiet; today most hotel rooms are fitted out with sound proof walls and windows, if only my house was equipped to block out the neighbour’s dog from barking at 5am;
  2. The room should be dark, most hotels have block out curtains, there’s nothing worse than trying to overcome jetlag when the neon lights of the diner across the road keep you up at night;
  3. How many homes have the luxury of their own thermostat in the bedroom? By adjusting room temperature to around 18-20 Celsius guests can fall asleep more quickly. Also consider thermal regulating accessories such as mattress protectors and quilt covers.
  4. A good mattress provides night long comfort and support but every guest is different, just ask Goldilocks, make sure you can provide topper pads to adjust the comfort so it’s just right.
  5. Mattress protectors don’t just protect your investment in the mattress, they protect your guests from the effects of dust, dust mites and bacteria living in the mattress, Yuck! With over 20% of Australians and New Zealanders suffering from allergies and asthma a clean fresh sleeping environment is paramount.
  6. Pillows are personal, make sure you provide a choice of heights to suit different body types and make sure they’re waterproof and wipe clean for guest health and safety.
  7. Even the cleanest hotels are not immune to bed bugs, hitching a ride with travellers these critters can cause guest hysteria. Bug Lock encasements protect your assets and provide early bug detection for housekeepers.

SleepCorp COO, Paul Blewett added “Our Freshotel range has been designed to offer long lasting durability, a healthy sleep zone and peace of mind comfort to complete the guest experience.

Included in Sleep Corps Freshotel range is the market leading Protect-A-Bed protectors and Bug-Lock encasements designed to provide superior hypoallergenic, breathable and whisper quiet stain prevention. The Moonshadow range of bedding accessories offers cotton-rich fabrics for natural comfort with commercial durability and utilising Fresche anti-microbial for healthy sleep.


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